Peach Teats is one of the world's most beloved calf-rearing brands and now its fans can show their love by wearing one of the new Peach Teats Clothing range of t-shirts featuring the instantly recognisable smiling calf logo.

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The Peach Teat® 5-calf open feeder can be used just about anywhere with its bolted steel brackets for attaching to all types of fences. It is injection moulded for strength and durability, has extra-wide teat spacings and the teats unscrew for easy cleaning. It is designed to support the best industry-accepted calf rearing advice. It is an open trough, so that the first calf to finish feeding doesn’t push the other calves off their teats.

Calves form bonds in small groups and our 5-calf feeder helps support their bonding. It is crucial right from your calves’ first moments of life to take the right approach to their feeding to achieve high growth rates. Loss of growth in this early period means the calf will always be behind. The Peach Teat® 5-calf feeder not only nurtures the bonding of small groups but also features the Peach Teat – the world’s most advanced calf feeding teat – designed for one purpose, to be the teat that the calves love!

The secret to successful calf rearing is no secret at all


Ben and Nicky Allomes
New Zealand Sharemilker of the Year 2008

“We’ve used Peach Teats for the last five years and found them brilliant for young calves and young staff. I trust anyone to feed the calves because they will be well fed with Peach Teats.”



Joanne and Jonathan Leigh
Top-Notch Calves
Tirau, NZ

“With the commercial rearing of 6,000 calves annually we rely on the Peach Teat to give consistency of milk delivery and durability to create a healthy, strong calf. Peach Teats give an even flow of milk for calves. The valve is very beneficial as it means more chance of each calf getting a similar volume of milk. The Peach Teats are made of quality rubber – the teats last longer than any other brand we have used.”


three teats2.jpg

Three Peach Teats are available: Black Threaded, Pink Threaded and Black Pull-Through

The Black and Pink threaded teats can be screwed on or pulled through a standard or home-made feeder with a 20mm (3/4 inch) hole. A narrower Peach Teat is available for feeders with smaller holes. More...